• Week 1 - Get Ready
    • Welcome to Power Onboarding! This week, we’ll review the overall structure for this course and explore how a personal onboarding plan can help you start your career in an extraordinary way. No matter how much time you have, following this planning process will pay major dividends.
  • Session 2 - Get Set
    • This week, you will be challenged to identify your extensive group of advisers and learn how to make a superb first impression. Plus, you will examine the life cycle of an organization to better understand where you can be the most effective contributor.
  • Session 3 - Go!
    • This week, you are refining your earlier plans and anticipating your first day on the job.You will learn about specific behaviors that will create a positive perception and asked to review your philosophy and how you will build your new network.
  • Week 4 – Peer Review
    • This week you will perform the two peer reviews necessary to pass the course.