Power Electronics

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The course discusses power processing electronic circuits like rectifiers, AC voltage controllers, Frequency converters, DC-DC converters and inverters apart from introducing the basics of power semiconductor devices like SCRs, power BJTs, IGBTs and MOSFETs. The analysis of these power circuits are presented in detail along with the waveforms and control techniques. Finally, applications of power electronic technology in generation sector, transmission sector and also in day-to-day applications like battery charger, motor drives, power supplies are described. INTENDED AUDIENCE: UG students and instructors PREREQUISITES: Basic Electrical Engineering, Circuit theory, signals and systems INDUSTRY SUPPORT: UPS manufacturing, SMPS manufacturing and power electronic converter industries



Week 1: Introduction to Power Electronics Week 2: Power devices : Diodes, SCRs, GTO, BJT, MOSFET, IGBT- Characteristics, working, selection and protection Week 3: AC-DC converter: half wave & full wave; uncontrolled, semi-controlled & fully controlled; single-phase and three-phase Week 4: Assignment No. 2 and 3 on single-phase and three-phase converters and simulations Week 5: AC-AC converters: AC voltage controllers and cycloconverters Week 6: Non-isolated DC-DC converters: Buck, Boost, Buck-boost & Cuk Week 7: Isolated DC-DC converters Week 8: DC-AC Inverters: Single-phase and three-phase, modulation techniques Week 9: Current Source inverter Week 10: Applications of Power Electronics in Generation, Transmission, Distribution & utilization sectors Week 11: Assignment No. 6 on Isolated DC-DC converters: Problems and simulation Week 12: Assignment No. 7&8 on DC-AC inverters (single-phase and three-phase): problems and simulation