Powder Metallurgy

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Powder Metallurgy is a very useful manufacturing process which is being practiced in variety of industries for decades. It is a versatile process that can produce a solid, a component or a product in net shape or near net shape staring from a loose mass of powder. This course will not only provide a broad overview of the P/M process but will also deal with the relevant concepts in detail. The objective is to learn about the process and understand it in a scientific and systematic manner.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Any Interested Learners
PREREQUISITES :Basics of Materials Science & Engineering

Industries that might find this course interesting :Saint Gobain, Murugappa, Ashok Leyland, BHEL, Sandvik Asia Ltd, Avartana Metal Powders



Week 1: Introduction to Powder Metallurgy, Definition of Powder, Why Powder Metallurgy
Week 2: Powder Fabrication: Mechanical & Chemical fabricationWeek 3: Powder Fabrication: Electrolytic fabrication & AtomizationWeek 4: Microstructure control, Powder CharacterizationWeek 5: Powder Characterization: Particle size measurement, BET surface area, Interparticle frictionWeek 6: Powder packing, mixing and blendingWeek 7: Shaping and CompactionWeek 8: Slurry techniques, Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP)Week 9: Sintering: Sintering theory, Solid state sinteringWeek 10: Activated and Liquid phase SinteringWeek 11: Full density processingWeek 12: Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)