Postmodernism in Literature

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This is an eight-week course pitched at the Postgraduate level to provide an overview of a theoretical understanding of the fundamentals of Postmodernism in Literature. Through a discussion of seminal texts, key ideas and critical events in the 20th century, the course maps the dominant socio-cultural and literary practices usually labelled as Postmodernism. Ranging from popular culture to particular theories, from literary events to ideological debates, this course attempts to cover a wide variety of topics and frameworks, to enable a critical understanding of Postmodernism in Literature. The course includes the discussion of selected literary texts and engages with various literary critical approaches from different paradigms including Feminism and Postcolonialism.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Students of English Literature


INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Only academics



WEEK 1: Introducing Postmodernism -Definitions, Concepts, General Online backgroundWEEK 2: Reading the seminal texts and events which define Postmodernism-Online Lyotard,BarthesWEEK 3: Locating the Postmodern in the contemporaryWEEK 4: Postmodernism in literature and historical surveyWEEK 5: Postmodernism as a literary critical approachWEEK 6: Detailed study of selected texts - ProseWEEK 7: Detailed study of selected texts, Poetry and dramaWEEK 8: Detailed study of selected texts - miscellaneous