Population Health: Study Design

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  • Welcome to Study Design
    • Welcome to Population Health: Study Design! In this module you will get to know what the scope is of this course and you will learn how to be successful at online studying.
  • Design
    • In this module you will start to formulate a research question. You will be introduced to the most important study designs in epidemiology, and work out which study design fits your specific research question.
  • Measures
    • In this module you will calculate frequency and effect measures, and apply them to your own research questions. In addition, you will practice with constructing a life table and drawing a Kaplan-Meier curve.
  • Confounding and bias
    • In this module different types of error will be discussed, which can be either random or systematic in nature. Subsequently, you will learn to recognize bias and confounding. You will additionally gain hands-on experience with standardisation.
  • Inference
    • In this module you will calculate with averages, learn basic principles of causal inference, and be introduced to the concepts of regression to the mean and intention to treat.