Population Health: Panel Management Next Level

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  • Welcome to Panel Management Next Level
    • Welcome to Panel Management Next Level! In this introductory module you will learn more about this course and you will meet the instructors and the team.
  • Panel Management Next Level & Empanelment
    • What is Panel Management and how do you perform its first step empanelment? In this module you will learn what Panel Management is, and how we bring it to the next level. Furthermore you will find out how to empanel a population in different risk groups, the so-called panels. Lastly, you will gain insights in the opportunities of geo-level analysis for your empanelment strategy and the possibilities of datasharing. You will bring these theories alive within your own chosen case.
  • Choosing the appropriate intervention
    • How to choose or design the appropriate intervention for the panels? In this module you'll gain insights on what factors influence a successful intervention and you will learn that the appropriate intervention could be multi-setting, interorganisational and interprofessional. Of course, you will apply this knowledge on your own case by designing the appropriate intervention for your panels.
  • Surveillance of care gaps
    • How to survey the care gaps of each panel? In this module you will learn how to deal with care gaps and the care waste that panels experience. Furthermore you'll learn what is needed to organise pro-active care delivery. Lastly, you will understand how group-based interventions are financed and what non-financial incentives you can use to encourage healthcare professionals to start your panel management case. Indeed, you will apply the knowledge on your own case!
  • Evaluation
    • How do you evaluate the entire process of Panel Management Next Level? In this module you will learn how to reflect on whether the care gaps are actually closed and how to create a learning system. You will learn more about the design of a process evaluation in theory and in real-life settings!