Polymers: concepts, properties, uses and sustainability

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Week 1: What are polymers? What are their unique features?Why are polymers so common?Polymers: Molecular structureProcess, structure, propertyBiopolymersMolecular weight and distributionPolymerizationMacromolecular nature

Week 2: Simple concepts related to single macromoleculeRenewable sources for polymersPolymerization / depolymerizationStates of interestApplication based termsReuse and repurposeMolecular conformationsSize, mobility and flexibilityPolyelectrolytes

Week 3: Molecular arrangements and states of polymersStructures in biopolymersAmorphous / crystalline statesOrientationInteractionsKinetics of crystallizationGlass transition

Week 4: Polymeric systems of different kindStates in environmentLiquid crystalline polymersCopolymersBlends

Week 5: Blends, copolymers and compositesMicrostructure in polymersCompositesStress strain responseAdditives for polymeric systemsBlends / composites in recyclingPhysical / chemical crosslinkingMechanical properties

Week 6: Physico-chemical, mechanical and electrical properties of polymersPhysical and chemical agingSolutions: propertiesConducting polymersDielectric responsePlasticityProperties of composites

Week 7: Viscoelasticity in polymersViscoelasticity: introductionThermal responseViscoelasticity: characterizationViscoelasticity – simple modelsDynamic mechanical analysisDamping ApplicationsTime Temperature superpositionImpact and energy absorption

Week 8: Viscoelasticity in polymers / Interaction of polymers with other materialsTesting for applicationsProperties of blendsBiomimetic polymersAdvanced mechanicsViscoelastic response: examplesPolymer packagingPorous polymers / membranesPolymer at interfacesDiffusion in polymers

Week 9: Interaction of polymers with other materials / Polymers processing and recyclingtechniquesCompatibilizersBiopolymer applicationsAdhesives and PaintsDissolution and recoveryPolymerization kineticsPolymerization reactorsPolymer processing

Week 10: Polymers processing and recycling techniquesFlow simulationsProcessing for recyclingRecycle, up-down cyclingFlow behaviour - rheologyCrosslinkingConversion of polymers

Week 11: Polymers processing and recycling techniquesRheology and entanglementRheological modelsRheology and processingAbsorption and leachingSwelling of polymersViscosity for polymer processing

Week 12: Polymeric materials in natureMicroplastics, aerosols, sedimentsBiodegradation of polymersBiodegradable polymers