Political Ideologies

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COURSE LAYOUT Weekly Plan Week 1: Origin, Meaning, Definition of Political Ideologies, Nature and Scope of Political Ideologies,
End of Ideology, Meaning, Definitions of Nationalism Week 2: Key Elements of Nationalism, Progressive and Reactionary Nationalism, Internationalism,
Meaning, Nature and Features of Democratic Socialism Week 3: Achievements and Limitations of Democratic Socialism, Types of Democratic Socialism: Febianism,
Types of Democratic Socialism: Syndicalism, Types of Democratic Socialism: Guild Socialism Week 4: Meaning, Definition and Origin of Fascism, Factors responsible for the rise of Fascism,
Principles of Fascism, Corporate State Week 5: Emergence of Nazism and Rise of Hitler, Features of Nazism, Karl Marx: Introduction,
Historical Materialism Week 6: Theory of Surplus Value, Marxian State, Relevance of Marxism,
Meaning and Definition: Equality, Religion and Democracy Week 7: Phule and Ambedkar’s views on Equality, Phule and Ambedkar’s views on Religion,
Phule and Ambedkar’s views on Democracy, Meaning and Nature of Gandhism Week 8: Gandhi on Truth and Non-Violence, Ends and means relationship given by Mahatma Gandhi,
Theory of Satyagraha, Gandhi on Gram Swaraj Week 9: Relevance of Gandhism, Meaning, Nature and Features of Feminism, Evolution of Feminism,
Types of Feminism Week 10:Liberal Feminism, Feminism in India: Caste, Feminism in India: Patriarchy,
Feminism in India: Women’s Representation