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This course on Poetry introduces students to various forms of poetry like tale, ballad, sonnet, lyric, epic, mock epic, satire, elegy, ode, dramatic monologue, free verse, etc., primarily from British poetry historically, also including a few poets from the US and India, with a view to cultivating an imaginative leap through empathy and effective communication in students. Students will learn about different poetic techniques and linguistic devices used by poets to communicate their feelings and thoughts exactly and creatively.

College students and general audience who are interested in poetry reading and writingPREREQUISITES :NoneINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Multinational companies which emphasize creativity, imagination, empathy, and concise writing will recognize this course



Week 1: Introduction and Chaucer
Week 2: Elizabethan Poetry
Week 3: Metaphysical poetry
Week 4: Neo-classical and Pre-Romantic Poetry
Week 5: Romantic Poetry
Week 6: Victorian Poetry
Week 7: Modern Poetry
Week 8: American Poetry
Week 9: Feminist Poetry
Week 10: Contemporary British Poetry
Week 11: Indian Poetry
Week 12: Panel Discussion and Conclusion