Plant Developmental Biology

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Plant Developmental Biology encompasses the study of how complex multicellular plants are developed from a single zygotic cell. This course will provide an overview of mechanisms underlying the meristem function during growth and development, cell specification, differentiation and organogenesis in the flowering plants. It also describes the approaches used to study plant development. This course will be highly useful for the students to enhance their knowledge and develop their research interest in the field of developmental biology.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : UG/PG PhD student of Plant science/ Botany/ Biotechnology/ AgriculturePREREQUISITES : Basic knowledge of biology
INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Food based industries



Week 1: Introduction:Life cycle of an angiosperm plant, Plant growth and development, Embryonic and post-embryonic development, Characteristics of plant developmentWeek 2: Molecular Genetics of Plant Development:Generation and characterization of developmental mutants, studying temporal and spatial expression pattern of developmental regulators, Functional genomics, Genetic manipulation of plant for studying developmentWeek 3: Root development:Organization and maintenance of root apical meristem, radial patterning during vascular development, Root branching; lateral root developmentWeek 4: Shoot development:Organization and maintenance of shoot apical meristem, Organogenesis and organ polarity, Floral transition, Floral organ patterning and determinacy, Cell-to-cell communication during development