Plant Design and Economics

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This course covers two important aspects of Chemical Engineering: (a) the strategies used in the design of chemical processes, and (b) the basic economic analysis of a chemical plant. The objective of the course is to expose students to basic concepts in engineering economics, plant design, safety features and its importance to chemical engineering. By the end of the course, the students will be able to develop a chemical process and perform a complete economic analysis of the plant. Students will also appreciate the importance of safety in design and operation.

Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Biochemical Engineering, Environmental EngineeringPREREQUISITES :Basic Chemical Engineering courses such as: Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process ControlINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :This course may be of general interest to many chemical and allied process industries such as:
(1) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
(2) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
(3) Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.
(4) Steel Authority of India Ltd.



Week 1: Process Design AspectsWeek 2: Selection of Process Equipment, Utilities, Plant Location, and LayoutWeek 3: Engineering Economics - IWeek 4: Engineering Economics - IIWeek 5: Engineering Economics - IIIWeek 6: Conceptual Process SynthesisWeek 7: Reactor Network SynthesisWeek 8: Separation System Synthesis - I Week 9: Separation System Synthesis - IIWeek 10:Heat Exchanger Network SynthesisWeek 11:Chemical Process SafetyWeek 12:Optimum Design and Production Scheduling