Plant Biochemistry and Plant Biotechnology

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Plant biochemistry and biotechnology are two important branches of modern plant science. The course focuses on the biochemistry and biotechnology of plants. The course is designed to give a brief understanding of the fundamentals of plant biochemistry with a view to provide the learners with an understanding of plant growth and requirements of plants. Studying of biochemical processes including photosynthesis, respiration, nitrogen cycle, growth hormones and secondary metabolism will provide a unique insight into how plant cells can be used and manipulated in in vitro cultures.

Plant tissue culture and genetic engineering are the two main techniques used in plant biotechnology. The course introduces the various aspects and application of plant tissue culture with a view to provide the fundamental knowledge of plant tissue culture to the learners. An attempt is also made to introduce gene transfer methods for plant transformation and also the applications of transgenic plants. The course winds up with a brief introduction of molecular markers and their application in crop improvement.