Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud

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SAP Analytics Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that combines business intelligence, collaborative enterprise planning, and augmented analytics. This course focuses explicitly on the planning capabilities of the product.

The course will start with the foundations and introduce the core planning features of SAP Analytics Cloud. These include the modeling environment to create planning models and import data, as well as the standard planning features available in the story. Advanced planning capabilities like value-driver trees, data actions, advanced formulas, and allocations are covered in detail too. Since planning is typically a process which involves many people inside an organization, it is important that tasks can be assigned to the right people and data is submitted in time. For this reason, SAP Analytics Cloud offers the planning calendar as the component to orchestrate and monitor this process.

With Smart Predict, SAP Analytics Cloud provides an environment to create and train predictive models. These models can be included in the planning workflow, which is also shown in the course. In many cases, standard planning layouts and input sheets are not sufficient, and people want to create specific user interfaces for a given use-case. With the analytics designer and SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office, there are two additional options to create user interfaces for the planner. The course also touches on best practices for improving the user experience for planning applications.

You can get practical experience with SAP Analytics Cloud by signing up for a free trial account. Guided hands-on exercises are provided, which you can use with the trial tenant or in your own environment, to intensify the learning experience even more.