Physico-chemical processes for wastewater treatment

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Week 1:Introduction to Water Pollution and ControlWeek 2:Pre-treatment & Physical treatment: Flow equalization & Aeration
Week 3:Pre-treatment & Physical treatment: Coagulation and FlocculationWeek 4:Setting and Sedimentation & Settling Chamber Design
Week 5:Filtration & Filtration System DesignWeek 6:Wastewater treatment by Adsorption & Ion ExchangeWeek 7:Wastewater treatment by Membrane Based Technologies
Week 8:Advanced Oxidation Processes: IntroductionWeek 9:Advanced Oxidation Processes: Fenton and catalytic treatmentWeek 10:Advanced Oxidation Processes: Photo-induced processesWeek 11:Advanced Oxidation Processes: Sono- and Electro-chemical Treatment
Week 12:Case studies on wastewater treatment in various process, chemical and allied industries