Photo Editing Basics: Make Good Images Great Without Expensive Software

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  • Trailer
  • Class Welcome and What We'll Cover
  • Choosing an Editor
  • Similarities Between Programs
  • What Are Pixels?
  • How To Crop and Straighten Your Image
  • Understanding the Histogram
  • Editing Terms and The Tools at Hand
  • Editing a Landscape
  • Editing a Portrait
  • Sharpening your Image
  • Using Gradients
  • Using the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Using Dodge and Burn
  • Using Blur For Creative Effects
  • Black and White
  • Getting the Vintage Look
  • Fixing a Problematic Photo
  • Exporting for Print and Web and Class Wrap
  • What is RAW?
  • RAW Editing Software
  • Editing RAW Files
  • Using The New Tools on the Phone