Philosophy and the Sciences: Introduction to the Philosophy of Physical Sciences

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  • What is this thing called science? (Michela Massimi and Duncan Pritchard)
    • Introduction to philosophy of science: the nature of scientific knowledge, the debates about the scientific method and the problem of underdetermination.
  • Week 2: The origins of our universe (Michela Massimi and John Peacock)
    • How did our universe form and evolve? Was there really a Big Bang, and what came before it?
  • Week 3: Dark Matter and Dark Energy (Michela Massimi and John Peacock)
    • According to the currently accepted model in cosmology, our universe is made up of 5% of ordinary matter, 25% cold dark matter, and 70% dark energy. But what kind of entities are dark matter and dark energy?
  • Week 4: The anthropic principle and multiverse cosmology (Alasdair Richmond and John Peacock)
    • Anthropic reasoning attempts to understand peculiarities of the physical universe via context-sensitive observers in a multiverse of different distinct universes. What are the problems and prospects of this view?
  • Philosophy and the Sciences Part 2