Personal Branding For Designers [Beginners]

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The world is rapidly changing and it is becoming more common to build a personal brand and build your presence in the industry. A personal brand will help you in the long term build relationships establish your authority and expand to more work opportunities in the future.

I'll show give you my tips on building a personal brand if your a designer or creative just starting out. I'll go through the design thinking and the process of establishing the brand identity and to get you started. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Tips for Building An Brand Identity
  • Idea Generation and Design Thinking
  • Designing Brand Assets
  • Creating A Useful Mockup
  • Promoting Yourself + Branding Examples

All you'll need for this class is Adobe Illustrator (Free Trial) + Adobe Photoshop (Free Trial), I'm using CC but other versions are fine.