Performance And Reward Management

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Week 1: Understanding meaning of Performance management and reward systems management with an performance management processWeek 2: Developing an understanding as to why performance management and reward management are of strategic importance and their role in strategic planningWeek 3: Implementation of a performance management system; defining performance and choosing a measurement approach and understanding meaning of resultsWeek 4: Implementing a performance management system in your organizationWeek 5: Role of performance management in employee development, addressing performance management skills and teamrewardManagementWeek 6: Overview, reward system, understanding total, strategic and international reward Week 7: Understanding linkage between performance management and reward, an overview of various types of reward; financial reward, non-financial reward; contingent pay scheme bonus scheme; team pay; rewarding for business performance;recognition schemeWeek 8: Valuing and grading jobs, understanding pay levels, job evaluation schemes, equal pay, market rate analysis, designing of grade and pay structureWeek 9 :Rewarding special groups, rewarding directors and senior executives, sales and customer service staff, knowledge workers,manual workersWeek 10:Understanding relevance of employee benefits and pension schemes, employee benefits, flexible benefits, pension schemeWeek 11: Developing and managing reward systems, evaluating reward management, responsibility for rewardWeek 12: Understanding the implications for Performance and Reward Management in the present organizational dynamics with case studies