Pedagogy of teaching English is an advanced course which aims at empowering participants with contemporary theoretical developments in language teaching. It also aims at developing critical thinking skills among participants in teaching English as a second language. The course is designed to raise and consolidate awareness of the principles and practice of teaching English to secondary school students and adult learners. The participants of this course will be exposed to a variety of techniques and their theoretical bases in order to help them take appropriate decisions. The content and lessons of this course are organized in the following four core units of learning:1. Unit-I : Critical Reflections on ELT 2. Unit-II : Constructing Discourses-I3. Unit-II : Constructing Discourses-II, and4. Unit: IV. Understanding Assessment/FeedbackThe duration of the course will be 13 weeks where the participant shall be dealing with 52 papers. Weekly assignments will be provided that are considered for the internals.

At the end of the course, student are expected to:
1. be able to reflect on the current practices in English language teaching .2. be able to draw insights from contemporary perspectives on language and language learning for designing pedagogical and classroom processes.3. be able to cognize language learning in terms of construction and production of discourse4. be able to acquire critical competencies to construe teaching and learning grammar from anti-behaviorist framework of mind.5. have a conceptual knowledge and effective application of various theories and procedures of assessment in classrooms.