Pavement Materials (Under Pavement Engineering)

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1. Soil: Introduction to soil as a highway material; Classification of soils; Consistency Limits; Soil compaction and role of moisture; Mechanical properties of soil (Shear strength, Unconfined compressive strength, Resilient modulus, California bearing ratio, Modulus of subgrade reaction etc.); Introduction to expansive soils, relevant tests, and soil stabilization techniques. 2. Aggregates: Aggregate origin, types, production, and quarrying operation; Classification of aggregates; Aggregate gradation and gradation parameters; Theories of aggregate blending; Minerology of aggregates and its importance; Aggregate shape and texture: quantification and importance; Aggregate strength properties, and relevant tests. 3. Bitumen, Modified bitumen, Bitumen emulsion and Cutback bitumen: Bitumen as a binding agent; Production of bitumen; Physical and rheological properties of bitumen; Introduction to viscoelasticity; Chemistry of bitumen; Ageing of bitumen; Grading of bitumen, and relevant tests: Penetration grade, Viscosity grade, Performance grade; Bitumen modification: Need, Types and Importance; Introduction of bitumen emulsion: Theory of emulsification, Uses, Grading of emulsions, and Relevant tests; Introduction to cutback bitumen: Types, Uses, and relevant tests. 4. Bituminous Mixtures: Production of bituminous mixtures: Laboratory and Plant; Role of bituminous mixture and desirable properties; Volumetrics of bituminous mixture; Mix design of bituminous mixture: Marshall and Superpave methods; Mechanical tests and characterization of bituminous mixtures; Introduction to performance based mix design concepts; Mix design of cold bituminous mixtures; Mix design of hot recycled mixtures 5. Cement: Production of cement; Theory of hydration and importance of different hydration products; Physical and chemical properties of cement; Types of cement; Pozzolanic and geopolymer materials as alternate cement. 6. Concrete Mix Design: Concrete proportioning and importance of various constituents; Introduction and mix design of pavement quality concrete, Dry lean concrete and Pervious concrete 7. Alternative Pavement Materials: State of the art on various alternative materials for construction of flexible and rigid pavements.