Patent Search for Engineers and Lawyers

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Week 1: Inventions and Patent Eligibility
Patentability criteria for inventions
Prior Art categories
Disclosure Norms
Patent Specification – Description and ClaimsWeek 2: How to read a patent document - Patent Anatomy
Introduction to Patent search
Fundamentals of Patent Search
Fields for Search -Keyword Search -Classification Search – IPC, CPC, USPC, F term -Combination Search -Concept based searchWeek 3: Public search databases IPO EPO USPTO Patent Scope
Subscribed databases search
Differences between public search and subscribed database searchWeek 4: Types of Patent search
Patentability Search
Validity SearchWeek 5: Types of Patent search
Patent Landscape Search
Clearance Search Advantages and Limitations of each type of searchWeek 6: Analysis of Patent Search with illustration (examples from different technology areas)Week 7: Patent landscape analysisWeek 8: Value of Patent Search and analysis