Patent Law for Engineers and Scientists

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Week 1: Introduction to the Indian Patent System Patent Laws as Concepts; Understanding the Patents Act, 1970; Understanding the Patents Rules, 2003;Preliminary Sections; Preliminary Rules; What’s New in the Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2016; Easy way to read the Patents Act and RulesWeek 2: Patentability of Inventions Statutory Exceptions to Patentability; Novelty and Anticipation; Inventive Step; Capable of Industrial Application; Person Skilled in the ArtWeek 3: Patent Specification Provisional and Complete Specifications; Structure of a Patent Specification—Title, Abstract, Description, Claims, etc.; Reading a Patent Specification—Fair basis, Enabling Disclosure, Definiteness, Priority; Introduction to Patent Drafting.Week 4: Patent Prosecution: Patent Applications Patent Application—Who Can Apply, True and First Inventor, How to Make a Patent Application,What to include in a Patent Application, Types of Patent Applications, Patents of Addition, Dating of Application;Week 5: Patent Prosecution: Publication and Examination - I Publication of Application; Request for Examination; Examination of Application—First Examination ReportWeek 6: Patent Prosecution: Publication and Examination – II Expedited Examination of Application; Search for Anticipation—Procedure, wthdrawal of Application; Consideration of Report of ExaminerWeek 7: Patent Prosecution: Powers of Controller Powers of Controller—Examination Stage, Consideration of report by examiner, Refuse or Amend Applications, Division of Applications, Dating of Application, Anticipation, Potential Infringement; Putting Applications in Order; Amendments during ProsecutionWeek 8: Patent Prosecution: Opposition Pre-grant opposition; Post-grant opposition; Wrongful obtaining of invention; Mention of Inventor; Opposition in General.Week 9: Patent Prosecution: Practice at the Patent Office- I Secrecy Provisions; Grant of Patents; Rights Conferred by Grant; Rights of Co-Owners; Term of Patent; Restoration of Lapsed Patents;Week 10: Patent Office and Patent Prosecution, Surrender; Revocation—Grounds for Revocation; Register of Patents, Patent Office and its Establishment; Patent Agents; Use and Acquisition by Government; Penalties.Week 11: Compulsory Licensing Compulsory Licensing—Working of Patents, Grounds for Grant of Compulsory License, Revocation; Patent Licensing;Week 12: Patent Enforcement, International Arrangements and Other Miscellaneous Provisions Intellectual Property Appellate Board; Declaratory Suits, Infringement Suits; International Application—Convention Application, PCT Application, Application Designating India, Multiple Priorities; PCT Timeline; Fees—Application, In Relation to Grant of Patents; Timelines, Application, Examination, Publication etc.