Partial Differential Equations

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Partial differential equations (PDE) is an important branch of Science. It has many applications in various physical and engineering problems. Thus the proposed course is helpful to the learners from Mathematics, Physics and Engineering background.

In this course mainly we have attempted to give some ideas about first order and second order linear PDE. Nonlinear PDE is discussed in the last Chapter shortly. The method of solving first-order and second order equations are illustrated taking many examples. There are also problems for self- assessment with answer. The entire course is divided into ten Chapters. Each Chapter is broken into few modules. The video and text of the modules are available on enrolment to this course. The last date for enrolment is 31stAugust, 2020. The enrolment to this course is free of cost.

If the leaner find any difficulty to understand some problem, that can be discussed in the discussion forum in which course coordinator is also a member.

After completion of this course one may apply for a certificate.



Chapter 1- Basic Concepts of Partial Differential Equations

Chapter 2- First Order Partial Differential Equations

Chapter 3- Second Order Partial Differential Equations

Chapter 4- Elliptic Differential Equations

Chapter 5- Parabolic Differential Equations

Chapter 6- Hyperbolic Differential Equations

Chapter 7- Integral Transform Methods of Solving Partial Differential Equations

Chapter 8- Green’s Function of solving Partial Differential Equations

Chapter 9- Eigenfunction Approach

Chapter 10- Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Week 1: Chapter 1

Week 2: Chapter 1 and 2

Week 3: Chapter 2

Week 4: Chapter 3

Week 5: Chapter 4

Week 6: Chapter 5

Week 7: Chapter 6

Week 8: Revision of Chapter 1-6

Week 9: Chapter 7

Week 10: Chapter 7

Week 11: Chapter 8

Week 12:Chapter 9

Week 13: Chapter 10

Week 14: Chapter 10

Week 15: Revision of Chapter 7-10 and Assessment from the entire syllabus