Palo Alto Networks Security Operations Fundamentals

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  • Security Operations Fundamentals Module 1: Course Information
    • In the Security Operations Fundamentals course, students will gain an understanding of Security Operations (SecOps) and the role it plays in protecting our digital way of life, for businesses and customers. Students will learn continuous improvement processes to collect high-fidelity intelligence, contextual data, and automated prevention workflows that quickly identify and respond to fast-evolving threats. They will also learn how to leverage automation to reduce strain on analysts and execute the Security Operation Center’s (SOC) mission to identify, investigate, and mitigate threats.
  • Security Operations Framework Module 2: Security Operations Center Elements and Processes
    • In this module students investigate cybersecurity design models that are used to establish Zero Trust reliance and and compliance with standards such as Payment Card Industry [PCI]. Hands-on practices focus on establishing security policies that define secure authentication and Zero Trust connectivity.
  • Security Operations Framework Module 3: Security Operations Infrastructure and Automation
  • Security Operations Framework Module 4: SOC Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Security Operations Framework Module 5: Threat Prevention and Intelligence
  • Security Operations Framework Module 6: Secure the Future with Cortex