Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Gateway II

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    • ** Gateway II builds on top of the networking fundamentals content that was discovered in Gateway I.** Begin your Gateway II experience here. Carefully evaluate the Course Information and Resources content area and identify the tools and processes you will use in this course. *** NEW LAB OS: All NDG labs are now utilizing Palo Alto Networks Firewall OS 9. Lab topics and activities are now performed on the Next Generation Firewall OS 9 platform.
  • Gateway II: Module 2 - Cybersecurity Landscape and Threats
    • The term Cybersecurity Landscape is complex and difficult to define as it is ever changing. In this module security professionals will focus on identifying best practices for assessing and mitigating network vulnerabilities and their associated threats.
  • Gateway II: Module 3 - Cloud, Virtualization and Storage Security
    • Terms like 'redundancy', 'scalability', 'availability' and 'trust' are commonly used when describing either Cloud, Virtualization or Storage environments. Module 3 helps students apply those terms in specific relationships with cloud components, cloud connectivity, virtual services and storage management.
  • Gateway II: Module 4 - Networking Concepts and Principles
    • Networking and Security best practices often go hand in hand. You always begin by inventorying your resources and assets and identifying their vulnerabilities. Then you can apply appropriate measures to limit the threats that could exploit those vulnerabilities. In this module students will analyze different network appliances and define the troubleshooting measures that can be used to identify and remedy risks and vulnerabilities.