Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Foundation

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  • Cybersecurity Foundation: Module 1 - Course Information
    • In the Cybersecurity Foundation course students will learn fundamental principles associated with the current cybersecurity landscape and identify concepts required to recognize and potentially mitigate attacks against enterprise networks as well as mission critical infrastructure. Students will also learn how to initially setup and configure security zones, authentication, and policies on a next generation firewall.
  • Cybersecurity Foundation Module 2 - Cyber-Landscape
    • In this module you will examine the Modern Computing Trends associated with Cloud technologies including Software as a Service - SaaS. You will also focus on identifying the job skills that will be utilized for Cloud services security and compliance.
  • Cybersecurity Foundation Module 3 - Cyber-Threats
    • Module 3, Cyber-Threats, analyzes how attackers exploit vulnerabilities and promote attacks through the Cyber-Attack lifecycle. Students learn to identify High-profile cybersecurity attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats, as well as localized Wi-Fi attacks.
  • Cybersecurity Foundation Module 4 - Attack Types and Techniques
    • Module 4 - Attack Types and Techniques - analyzes how threat actors exploit vulnerabilities and perform cyberattacks by using various techniques including spamming and phishing attacks.
  • Cybersecurity Foundation Module 5 - Cybersecurity Models & Design Principles
  • Security Operating Platform