Descripción del Curso

Palliative care can help ease suffering and improve wellbeing in people living with serious illnesses such as cancer.

Palliative Care Always is an online, case-based course for health care practitioners who work in cancer care. We believe that incorporating the principles of palliative care—symptom management, goals of care and effective communication—into clinical practice can improve the quality of life for our patients and their support systems. We also believe palliative medicine can improve quality of life for clinicians. We’ve designed this course to educate you about palliative medicine and how it integrates with oncology, and to help you develop primary palliative care skills. Our hope is that you feel increasingly equipped to support the diverse needs of your patients and your own needs as a healthcare provider.

Palliative Care Always features presentations from a variety of Stanford palliative medicine clinicians as well as video scenes with a fictional patient experiencing colon cancer. The course also includes interactive discussions with other participants to learn from role play and practical experiences.