Painting with Thread: Modern Embroidery for Beginners

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Embroidery is for everyone with something to say — and Danielle Clough is here to help you find your voice.

Stuffy embroidery with rigid rules is a thing of the past — find new inspiration and a new way to express your creativity with master embroiderer Danielle Clough! Known for her groundbreaking techniques and nontraditional materials, Danielle’s warm and funny teaching style will make you wonder why you’ve never tried this before.

Danielle believes that embroidery is for absolutely everyone, and her colorful class breaks down the process of stitching into simple, easy to follow steps. From preparing your needle, thread, and fabric, through basic stitches, to her signature (and surprisingly simple) color-blending stitching technique, this class will have you working with fabric and thread as comfortably as you do with your tablet, your paints, or your pencils.

Working with Danielle, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a variety of basic stitches, including French knots
  • Use stitching to create different textures, color gradients, and dimension
  • Prepare your fabric, hoop, design, and needle and thread
  • Create a complete (and beautiful) floral embroidery

Pick up a complete beginner kit (don’t forget your plastic hoops) and get started with a brand new way to explore your creative voice!