Paint 5 Serene Landscapes in Watercolor

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As 2019 is coming to an end,i thought i would make one last class of the year for you guys..And what best way to bid farewell to 2019 than painting five of my favorite landscapes of the year..i have selected really simple, really easy paintings which you can also use as NEW YEAR CARDS..

These five landscapes are all unique in their own way..from colors to techniques..everything is different..first landscape would be 'Misty landscape' where you will learn 'how to paint layers of mountains and mist' class 'Sunset on the beach' where the key element is 'learning to blend and a few tips to paint reflections'..

Third class 'Foggy Mountains' is all about painting fog covered mountains in gradients' 'Rainy pines'..this is an interesting class..i painted this a few months ago..i wanted to depict the rain amidst pine forests..the end result was quite beautiful.. so i HAD to make a class out of it..

Last class 'Soft Misty Lake' is about making subtle reflections in a lake..

Well, that is all about this class..i hope you guys will love it..