Packet Switching Networks and Algorithms

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  • Frame Switching and Packet Switching
    • This module introduces LAN bridges and data link layer switching, and then focuses on packet switching at the network layer. It discusses datagram, one basic packet switching approaches.
  • Routing in Packet Networks
    • This module examines the other basic packet switching approach - virtual circuit, introduces basic approaches for selecting routes across the network, discusses the Bellman-ford algorithm for distance vector based shortest path routing.
  • Shortest-Path Routing
    • This module introduces the link state routing, examines the Dijkstra algorithm for shortest-path routing, and discusses the applications of the distance vector and link state routing in real Internet protocols.
  • Traffic Management
    • This module discusses packet-level traffic management operating in a short time scale, continues with traffic management at the flow level operating in a medium time scale. Common approaches including scheduling, queuing, admission control, and congestion control are discussed.
  • Course Project - Packet Switching Networks and Algorithms
    • This is a comprehensive peer review assessment