Organization Development and Change in 21st Century

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In the age of fast paced changes in the field of technology, globalization, changing nature of workforce and environmental and social focus the organizations and their members have to keep developing and changing themselves to respond to these factors. The development is required at levels of human processes (at individual, teams, and organizational level), organization design and culture, technological choices, HR processes and systems and strategic orientation. This course will equip the participants with the approaches and methods of development and change at these aspects of organization to realize their full potential and to perform well in the market field.

Students belonging to any discipline with interest in General Management of the organizations can take this course.PREREQUISITES :Not ApplicableINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Most of the companies of medium and of large size which have learning and Development department.



Week 1:Organization Development: The Present Scenario and Strategic Imperative
Sustainable Development: A Key Imperative for Organization Development and ChangeWeek 2:The Process of Management of Change and Organization Development
Diagnostic for Organization Development and ChangeWeek 3:Range of OD interventions and Prerequisites
Individual level OD interventionWeek 4:Diagnostic at the Level of Team and Group
Team Level OD intervention
Week 5:Organizational Level Processes for OD
‘Positive’ turn in OD: Appreciative InquiryWeek 6:Basics of Organization Design
Restructuring the Organization Design
Change in Organization CultureWeek 7:OD and Digital Transformation
OD and Change in Merger and Acquisition
OD through HRM System and ProcessesWeek 8:Organization Learning, Knowledge management and Innovation
Organization Development in Trans organizational and Global Setting
OD for entrepreneurial firms
OD in Non industrial setting