Organisation Behaviour

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The course ‘Organisation Behaviour’ aims to prepare students for understanding the human behaviour in an organization. It identifies why human behaviour differs and the reasons that lead to the same The course will provide a good foundation for students intending to study management principles and practices with the study of human behaviour within the organization. The objective of the course is to provide students with the essential content and experiences they need to become a successful manager and an effective employee. By joining the course, students will understand the organisational environment and will be able to learn how to create effective work groups to be successful in their life. It will also help to develop an understanding of aspects that affect organizational behaviour at the micro and macro level. The course imparts in depth knowledge about the “Meaning and concept of Organisation Behaviour, its need and importance, different roles of manager, Evolution of this field of study and various approaches or models of OB. It also focuses on human behaviour concepts of perception, learning & personality and attitude, and will also throw light on motivation and related theories. It explains emotional intelligence and job satisfaction. The Course also elaborates the interpersonal relations from individual level to grouping of individuals into teams and work groups which discusses team building and effective communication. Aspects associated with teams such as conflict, power, politics are also discoursed. Lastly, you will also learn multiple ways in which organization structures exist and importance of each structure. It further discusses ethical behaviour of individuals.