Organic Chemistry 1

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This course is a 4 credit course (15 weeks, 40 module) for M. Sc. Chemistry Students. Here, Students will be trained to improve their factual, conceptual, procedural and metacognitive knowledge. The scientific explanation given in the video contents makes use of the following components: Presentations, chemical structures, figures, tables, images, 3D-animations, white board demonstration, use of molecular models, paper 3D-models, mirrors etc. We gave emphasis to instructional design by leveraging theories based on Malcom Knowels Andragogy, modified Bloom’s taxonomy, the Feynman Technique, ADDIE model, Dick and Carey model, neuro slide design principles etc.

Who can benefit Any student or learner who wants to learn the basics of organic chemistry. The course shall be helpful for PG students (credit transfer), research scholars, young scientists and faculty members for their career growth. 3rd year UG students who are in pursuit of excellence can learn more from this course. The course covers most of the topics (organic chemistry) that are part of various competitive exams. IIT-JAM, CSIR-NET, GATE, UPSC, SLET, SSC-CGL, various CET. Industry support for jobs pharma, petrochemical, dye, perfume, agro chemicals industries