Oracle Autonomous Database Administration

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  • Introduction to Oracle Autonomous Database
    • In this module we introduce you to the core concepts of Autonomous Database and the different ways to provision an ADB
  • Administering an Autonomous Database
    • In this module we will show you how to manage and monitor an autonomous database.

      We will cover concepts of auto scaling, automatic indexing, and show how you can connect to an autonomous database from SQL developer.

      In this module you will also learn to configure an Autonomous Data Guard for disaster recovery.
  • Developing Applications in Autonomous Database and migrating data to Autonomous Database
    • In this module you will learn how to create applications on Autonomois Database using SQL, APEX, and Oracle Machine Learning.

      You will also learn to make use of Spatial Studio, and Graph Studion.

      This module also covers how to migrate data to an Autonomous Database
  • Next Steps: Certification