Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy : Fundamentals of optical measurements and instrumentation

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Optical spectroscopy and microscopy plays a very vital role in modern day research. Due to extensive commercialization and the cost associated with usage of these instruments most often these instruments are bought and used as turn key systems. While this has served the academic as well as industrial usage very effectively, it is very limiting when it comes to understanding the inner workings of these equipment. Specifically, understanding the inner working would help the user to push the boundaries of technical capability and perhaps come up with new technology. In this course I am planning to teach the foundations of spectroscopy from the viewpoint of light matter interaction and demonstrate the working of these instruments in a lab setting through teach them how to build some of these systems. It is unique course in which I am planning to give theoretical foundation as well as practical aspects of the building a scientific equipment from ground up. INTENDED AUDIENCE : Life Science, Photonics, InstrumentationPREREQUISITES : NILLINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Carl Zeiss, Leica, DSS Image Tech, Olympus, Nikkon, Optica, Holmarc