Optical Sensors

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This course provides detailed insight of the field of optical biosensors and their basic working principles. Staring with the introduction of basic components, characteristics, performance parameters and fabrication techniques (lectures 1&2), this course brings the learner to the mesmerizing field of sensors based on basic principles of optics. The basic optical phenomena/characteristics and their sensing applications have been discussed in detail (lectures 3-8). In the last two lectures, the optical properties of tissues and optics in the biomaterials has been discussed with providing some further insights into optical biosensing applications. The course ends with notes on terahertz sensing applications and future directions of research.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Physics, Nanotechnology, Biosciences, Electrical Engineering, Electrooptic Engineering, PhotonicsPREREQUISITES : Basic knowledge of Optics (Geometrical optics, Interference, Diffraction, polarization, etc.)INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Photonic Sys