Opportunity Management in Salesforce

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  • Supporting Account Executives
    • Welcome to Opportunity Management in Salesforce, the third course in the Salesforce Sales Operations Professional Certificate! By enrolling in this course, you are taking the next step to kickstarting your career in Salesforce. In the first week of the course, you'll learn more about the handoff of qualified leads (i.e., prospects) from SDRs to account executives, and how Salesforce Chatter can help ensure that they stay on the same page during this process. You'll also learn more about the account executive role on a sales team, how you can support them as a sales ops specialist, and you'll dive into the sales pipeline to fully understand what opportunity management entails. Let's get started!
  • Working with Opportunities in Salesforce
    • Welcome to the second week of Opportunity Management in Salesforce! Last week, you gained the conceptual foundation you need to understand the role of the account executive and how they work to progress prospects through each stage of the sales pipeline en route to closing the deal. Now, this week, you are going to work hands on with opportunity management tools in Salesforce that you can leverage to empower AEs to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible. At the end of this week, you will also tackle your first independent project in this course, which will give you an opportunity to explore a business use case in Salesforce, hands on. By completing this project, you will be able to create a valuable portfolio piece and work sample that you can use during your future job search.
  • Using Products, Price Books, and Quotes in the Sales Process
    • Welcome to the third week of Opportunity Management in Salesforce! This week, you will dive into working with Products, Price Books, and Quotes in Salesforce, and learn how these standard objects help account executives move potential sales deals closer to the finish line. Keep in mind that by learning these more advanced Salesforce skills, you are setting yourself apart as a very strong candidate not only for the sales ops specialist role, but for any entry level sales job.
  • Contracts and Orders
    • Welcome to Week 4, the final week of Opportunity Management in Salesforce! You’ve done a great job making it this far, so take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate your effort. Learning opportunity management tools in Salesforce is tough — so congratulations on making it to this point! You’re putting in great work that’s going to have a big payoff. This week, you'll learn how to support AEs in the next stage of the sales process: closing deals. At this point, the sales team has put in a lot of effort into each and every opportunity, so it's important that you learn the skills and practices that will help ensure that the sales team actually wins those deals. Keep in mind that winning a deal means a prospect has signed a contract and has become a paying customer with your company. And remember, your number one goal as a sales ops specialist is to help a sales team win deals as efficiently and consistently as possible.