Opioid analgesics: Treating Pain in People with Cancer

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Descripción del Curso

Learn how to opioid analgesics for the treatment of cancer pain

Despite being commonly prescribed, opioids account for more reported drug errors than any other high-risk medication (Alanazi et al, 2016). They represent a significant patient safety and public health issue. This course will help you increase your knowledge of the basic pharmacology of opioids so you are better able to prescribe them safely and effectively in the treatment of cancer-related pain.

You will learn the principles for safe prescribing, get to grips with the management of opioid-related adverse events and understand the rationale for prescribing opioid analgesics for cancer pain.

This course is for qualified healthcare professionals who prescribe opioid drugs and/or care for patients who are taking opioids anywhere in the world. It will be of particular use to general practitioners, palliative care specialists, acute hospital practitioners (surgical and medical disciplines), pharmacists and those with an interest in pain management, including medical and non-medical prescribers and those professionals involved in monitoring and supervision of opioid prescribing.