Operations Research

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Week 1: Introduction to OR Models, More OR Models, Graphical Method for LPP, Convex sets, Simplex MethodWeek 2: Big M Method, Two Phase, Multiple solutions of LPP, Unbounded solution of LPP, Infeasible solution of LPPWeek 3: Revised Simplex Method, Case studies and Exercises-I, Case studies and Exercises-II, Case studies andExercises - III, Primal Dual ConstructionWeek 4: Weak Duality Theorem, More Duality Theorems, Primal-Dual relationship of solutions, Dual Simplex Method, Sensitivity Analysis-IWeek 5: Sensitivity Analysis-II, Case studies and Exercises - I, Case studies and Exercises - II, Integer Programming Goal ProgrammingWeek 6: Multi-Objective Programming, Dynamic Programming, Transportation Problem, Assignment Problem, Case studies and,ExercisesWeek 7: Processing n Jobs on Two Machines, Processing n Jobs through Three Machines, Processing two jobs through m machines, Processing n jobs through m machines, Case studies and ExercisesWeek 8: Two Person Zero-Sum Game,Theorems of Game Theory, Solution of Mixed Strategy Games, Linear Programming method for solving games, Case studies and Exercises