Operations Research: an Active Learning Approach

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Chapter 0: Introduction to Operations Research

Chapter 1: Linear Programming and Simplex Method

Introduction to of linear programming (LP) problem, formulating a problem as an LP problem, simplex method in solving maximization and minimization LP problems

Chapter 2: Further Techniques in Simplex Method

Artificial variables in simplex method, M-method, two-phase method, sensitivity analysis, special cases in simplex

Chapter 3: Transportation Problem and Assignment Problem

Introduction and modelling of transportation problem, transportation algorithm, introduction to assignment model, solving assignment problems by the Hungarian method

Chapter 4: Critical Path Method for Project Scheduling

Introduction to project management and network models, network representations for projects, determination of project duration by the critical path method (CPM), using a time schedule in assisting project planning and control

Chapter 5: Further Topics in Critical Path Method

Project crashing, Program evaluation and review techniques (PERT)

Chapter 6: Simulation

Introduction to simulation, generation of random variates, examples of applications of simulation