On Strategy : What Managers Can Learn from Philosophy – PART 1

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  • The Forgotten Half of Change
    • This lecture will discuss how strategy is mostly about leading change. New ideas are required because the world of tomorrow will be, again, different.
      And we need to remember change has two faces : perception and reality.
  • How do we Think ?
    • In the first lecture, we’ve seen that if we want to change the world, we have to act.
      And if we want to change our perception of the world, we have to think.
      So now… it is time to think about the way we think !
  • On the Shoulders of Giants
    • For this third lecture, I invite you on a journey in the world of past ideas.
      Six guides will show us how they shaped this incredible world where everything is connected.
  • Mental Models and Perception
    • After a short recap, we will agree on four key definitions necessary to understand the rules of thinking.
      Thanks to a lot of examples, optical illusions and brain treasers, we will see how we build and how we use mental models.
  • Eureka or Caramba ?
    • Heraclites is definitely right, status quo is not an option, change is a must. The only alternative is either to lead the process, or to be a victim of the process. We will also understand why paradoxically creativity and rigor are good friends…
  • Thinking in New Boxes
    • As I told you from the very first minute, philosophers don't claim to be right, they hope to be helpful. This sixth and last lecture is dedicated to you, strategists. We will see how to build the five "new boxes" we need to achieve the next big thing.
  • The Essence of Change
  • Is technology making us stupid?
  • Become a corporate philosopher!