On Premises Management, Security, and Upgrade with Google Cloud’s Apigee API Platform

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This course helps you build hands-on experience with Apigee API Platform On-Premises installation, management and upgrade processes.

The material focuses on building understanding about the management capabilities of Apigee API Platform, how to secure the platform as well as how to maintained up to date by performing upgrades.


Module 1 - Apigee API Platform Operations
-Now that the installation and set up of the Apigee API Platform is complete, this module will cover the various aspects of platform operations.

Module 2 - Apigee API Platform Management
-When managing the Apigee API Platform, there are various capabilities available. This module will cover topics such as API management, User management, and Analytics.

Module 3 - Platform Security
-An overview of the various methods to secure your Apigee API Platform. Topics includes configuring TLS, keys, certificates, and key stores.

Module 4 - Platform Upgrade
-Upgrades to the Apigee API Platform will eventually be required to stay up to date with the latest features as they are released. The following module will walk you through how to upgrade the Apigee API Platform in detail.