Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatics

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Preamble: Fluid Power is the technology that deals with the generation, control, and transmission of power, using pressurized fluids. Both liquids and gases are considered fluids. Fluid power is the muscle of the industry used to push, pull, regulate, or drive virtually all the machines of modern industry. For example, fluid power steers and brakes automobiles, launches spacecraft, harvests crops, mines coal, drives machine tools, controls airplanes, processes food, drills teeth, and even transport and delivers drugs to the infected areas in the human body efficiently and effectively. In fact, it is almost impossible to find a manufactured product that hasn’t been fluid powered in some way at some stages of its production or distribution. Currently, a revolutionary change has taken place in the field of fluid power technology due to the integration of electronics as a control medium for fluid power components and systems. Due to the increased sophistication of fluid power and allied fields of engineering, the fluid power-driven machines are now able to generate more power and higher accuracy in speed, force, and position control. Hence this course is essential in engineering and technology to cope in modern industry to tackle a variety of problems and search for better solutions in power transmission and control.
Learning Objectives: This course provides a comprehensive introduction to fluid power, including both oil hydraulics and pneumatics, by focusing on the following learning objectives. Upon completion of a course, the student will
•Understand the underlying theoretical concepts
•Be familiar with the construction and function of the components
•Know how the components are selected and integrated into a system
•Understand the operation of basic circuits, and
•Know how to read basic circuits, troubleshoots and analyze
All Engineering College Students, Professional of Industries and working scientists in R & D institutionsPREREQUISITES : NoneINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :BEML, HAL, VSSC, Eaton, Ashok Leyland, Caterpillar, L&T etc.