Offshore Structures Under Special Environmental Loads Including Fire Resistance

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This course deals with novelty of offshore structures and their response behaviour under special loads. These loads include earthquake loads, ice loads, shock and impact loads, ringing and springing wave loads and loads caused by crticial sea states. The course also deals with advanced structural analyses methods including unsymmetric bending and estimate of shear centre. It also deals with analysis of curved beams, crane hooks, chain links and rings and marine risers under Vortex induced motion. Fire in one of the major hazard in offshore industry. Fire-resistant design is a mandatory requirement for members exposed to high fire hazards. This course will expose participants to fundamentals and explain the fire-resistant design concepts through a variety of examples. A full black-board teaching model, with illustrated examples and tutorials is followed with 24x7 active discussion forum to clarify doubts. This course also supports MATLAB program source coding for computing various environmental loads that act on offshore structures. Further, computer programs using MATLAB code is also extended for analyzing problems with unsymmetric bending and estimate of stresses in curved beams.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Applied Mech, Aerospace Engg, Civil Engg, Structural Engg, Mech. Engg, Naval Arch, Ocean Engg, Petroleum Engg, Chem Engg, Engineering DesignPRE-REQUISITES :NILINDUSTRY SUPPORT :All oil companies and Structural consultancy organizations, both in India and abroad