OER for Empowering Teachers

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This course on OER, Open Educational Resource, is meant to create awareness among teachers to the freely available high-quality online instructional resources. OER are openly licensed online educational materials that offer an extraordinary opportunity for teachers everywhere to share, use, and reuse knowledge. It is a must for teachers to utilize these resources to enhance students learning outcomes, greater flexibility for students in the form of diverse pathways, greater flexibility for teachers to customize instructional materials and lower production costs. Thus, this course aims to promote student-centric pedagogy, and lifelong learning. Activities are included to find and publish openly licensed content for teaching and learning purpose.   Total study time anticipated is between 20-30 hours in 4 weeks with equivalence to 2 credits  


COURSE LAYOUT Week 1: OER Basics Introduction to Open Education and Open Educational Resources. Discuss the need of open education and advantages of using OER in teaching learning process. `   Week 2: Open Licenses and OER Repositories Define Open license and describe the role Creative Commons licensing plays in developing OER. Explore OER repositories and evaluate the existing OER to identify educational content and course materials to meet their needs.   Week 3: Adopt and Adapt OER Explore various OER initiatives. Locate and evaluate OER for a specific instructional purpose. Remix or Revise an existing OER.   Week 4: Create OER Design, develop and publish OER in variety of formats: text, image, video