Object Oriented System Development using UML, Java and Patterns

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Object-oriented software development has become very popular. Also, UML has been accepted as the standard design language. We discuss use of UML to arrive at a design solution. Skeletal java code generation from UML diagrams will be discussed. Design patterns are reusable solutions. These are good solutions to typical programming problems, that can be understood and applied in a specific design situation to improve the overall design and reduce design iterations.

CSE, ITPREREQUISITES :Programming Using Java, Software EngineeringINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :None



Week 1: IntroductionWeek 2: Life Cycle Models for OO DevelopmentWeek 3: Use Case DiagramWeek 4: Class Diagram IWeek 5: Class Diagram IIWeek 6: Sequence DiagramWeek 7: State chart diagramWeek 8: Design processWeek 9: Introduction to design patternsWeek 10:GRASP patternsWeek 11:GoF pattern IWeek 12:GoF Pattern II