Numerical Ship and Offshore Hydrodynamics

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Week 1:Basic Seakeeping with Tutorial Week 2:Basic Wave Hydrodynamics with Tutorial Week 3:Introduction to Boundary Element Method ( Part 1) Week 4:Boundary Element Method ( Part 2) with Coding Tutorial that will be applied to solve finding added mass of a body in infinite fluid domain. Week 5:3D Frequency Domain Panel Method (Part 1) Week 6:3D Frequency Domain Panel Method (Part 2) Week 7: Time Domain Panel Method using IFR with Coding Tutorial. The tutorial will help you to write a code to predict motion of a ship using IRF. Introduce non linear load such as slamming load in IRF solution. Week 8:Strip Theory With Coding Tutorial on how to calculate 2-D added mass of ship shape body Week 9:Time Domain Panel method (Part 1) Week 10:Time Domain Panel Method (part 2) With Coding Tutorial on numerically calculate the Green’s function. Week 11:Numerical Method for Hydroelasticity Week 12:Modelling of Slamming and Green water load