Numerical Methods And Simulation Techniques For Scientists And Engineers

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Week 1: Introduction to Numerical analysis, Importance of error and their calculations, ExamplesWeek 2: Root Finding Method of non-linear equations, Bisection Method, Newton Raphson Method,Secant method, Regula- Falsi method, Practical examples.Week 3: Curve fitting method, linear and non-linear fitting, Linear interpolation, Lagrange interpolationmethod, Newton Interpolation formula, Practical examples.Week 4: Numerical differentiation, central difference methods, higher order derivatives, errors, practical examples.Week 5: Numerical integration, Simpson’s 1/3 rd rule, Simpson’s 3/8 th rule, local and global error analysis,practical examples.Week 6: Eigenvalue problems, Heun’s method, Euler’s method, Runge Kutta Method, Gerschgorin disc theorem ,Jacobi method, Practical examplesWeek 7: Simulation Techniques, Random numbers, Monte Carlo Method, Importance Sampling, Metropolis Algorithm,Heat- bath algorithm, practical ExamplesWeek 8: Molecular dynamics, interaction and forces in molecular systems, MD and Verlet algorithm, correlations,practical examples