Novel Technologies for Food Processing and Shelf-Life Extension

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Week 1: Introduction to food processing, preservation and quality; Basic principles & methods, water activity vs. food stability, structure-function relationship.Week 2: Chemical changes in food during processing; Browning reactions (enzymatic and non-enzymatic), protein interactions, carbohydrate interactions.Week 3: High pressure processing and Membrane technologies in food processing.Week 4: Food irradiation, RF & microwave heating; Super critical fluid extraction.Week 5: Food extrusion technology, RTE snack foods, Textured vegetable protein, Rice and dal analogues.Week 6: Hurdle technology concept, Natural antimicrobials & bacteriocin; Freeze drying.Week 7: Controlled atmosphere storage of food grains; ozone, microwave treatment for disinfestation of grains; Detection of spoilage in grains.Week 8: Modified atmosphere packaging, Active packaging, and Edible coating of fruits & vegetables.Week 9: Extraction and processing of oil; Mechanical expellers, solvent extraction, refining, hydrogenation, winterization.Week 10: Shelf life extension of oils using natural antioxidants; Concept and measurement of rancidity.Week 11: Microencapsulation of bioactive, and Technology of oil powder.Week 12:Functional foods and Nutraceuticals, Ready-to-eat therapeutic food, micronutrient fortified high energy bar, gluten free bread, carbonated cereal beverage.