Noun Clauses and Conditionals

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  • Noun Clauses
    • This week, you will learn about the important grammar point of noun clauses. There are several types of noun clauses, and using these in your writing or speaking can make your English sound more advanced and interesting.
  • More Noun Clauses
    • This week, you'll continue learning about noun clauses and different ways to use them. You'll learn how to make sentences with reported speech and how to add variety to sentences by reducing noun clauses. Have fun!
  • "Ever" Words and Conditionals
    • Now, you'll learn about another kind of noun clause. After that, you will learn about conditionals. Conditionals seem a little tricky at first, but they're fun to learn. Finally, you'll learn how to talk about wishes.
  • More Conditionals
    • In the final week of the course, you'll about more types of conditionals and how to writes sentences that mix various conditionals. You'll also learn how to omit "if" from some conditional sentences. This seems like some of the most challenging grammar in English, but you will find that it's not that difficult. Have fun learning it!